The Alliance Francaise Classic Film Festival 

Alliance Française presents with Studiocanal and in association with Palace Cinemas, Hayden Orpheum Cremorne and the WA Maritime Museum, this exciting complement to the renowned Alliance Française French Film Festival, taking place from early September onwards in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The annual Alliance Française Classic Film Festival aims to rediscover masterpieces of French cinema, highlighting a talent, actor or director who has made an indelible contribution to France’s celebrated film industry.

The 2018 season is focusing on the legendary Jeanne Moreau,  showcasing restored versions of 6 of her most famous films from 1958 to 1991.

The Festival will present 6 films in 4 cinemas across 3 Australian cities, encompassing more than 20 sessions, including an Opening Night event in each city.


The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

With more than 184,000 admissions in 2018, the Alliance Française French Film Festival’s 29th edition was the most successful season.

The Festival has become a highly anticipated and extremely popular event on the Australian cultural calendar. It is not only the biggest film festival in Australia; it is also the biggest festival of French films outside of France.

Each year the festival curates a selection of the best contemporary French films, including comedies, dramas, documentaries and much more. Blockbusters and independent films alike screen over nine weeks in seven cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. The festival also includes glamorous opening nights, Q&As and special events with renowned figures of French film.

French culture, and in particular French cinema, has never been more popular in Australia than it is right now. The Alliance Française French Film Festival audience includes Australians, French, Francophiles and movie buffs – all keen to experience the latest sophisticated, vibrant and daring films from France.

The annual Festival is a collaboration between the Embassy of France in Australia and six Alliances Françaises around the country. The Alliance Française is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation that has been actively promoting a Franco-Australian exchange for over 130 years.

Having entered its second quarter century, the Alliance Française French Film Festival proudly continues its international celebration of the best new cinema from France.


The Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Française is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange since 1899. With an ambitious mission to spread the French language and culture well beyond the borders of France, there are around 819 Alliances Françaises existing in 137 countries all over the world.



The Alliance Française Classic Film Festival is the result of collaboration between the Alliances Françaises of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth:

ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SYDNEY: Philippe Ostermann, General Manager | Laurie-Anne Pecqueux, Deputy General Manager | Morgane Blondel, National Festival Manager | Dominique Giovanangeli, Finance & Administration Manager | Clara Luccarini, Festival Assistant

ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE MELBOURNE: Michel Richard, Director | Françoise Libotte, Deputy Director | Ilaria O’Brien, Marketing Manager

ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE PERTH: Audrey Lureau, Managing Director | Valériane Mathieu, PR & Events Manager | Frank Martinaux, Cultural Assistant

FRENCH EMBASSY IN AUSTRALIA: H.E. Mr. Christophe Penot, Ambassador of France to Australia | Bertrand Pous, Cooperation and Cultural Counsellor | Philippe Platel, Cultural and Audiovisual Attaché, Artistic Director of the Festival

We would like to take this opportunity to say merci to our valued Festival partners!
TO ALL NATIONAL AND LOCAL SPONSORS: without your financial and in-kind support the Festival would not be possible.



EXHIBITION PARTNER PALACE CINEMAS: Antonio Zeccola, Benjamin Zeccola, Elysia Zeccola Hill, Antony Zeccola, Stephanie Zeccola, Paulette Arvizu, Bettina Kinski, Alice McShane, Laura Emery, Kim Petalas, Kimberley Allan, Renato Fonti, Gina Rubiano and Zak Hepburn

FESTIVAL PARTNERS EXHIBITORS: Paul Dravet, Rachel Baker, Zak Hepburn



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