Doulos: the Finger Man (slang for “informant”) by Jean-Pierre Melville is adapted from the eponym novel by Pierre Lesou. This stylish thriller stars two criminal anti-heroes, Serge Reggiani and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Freshly released from prison, Maurice (Reggiani) decides to avenge the murder of his wife by a former friend. He then plans a heist of a rich man’s estate with two accomplices, including Silien (Belmondo). The burglary goes awry as the police arrived halfway through. Maurice had always refused to believe the rumors that his long-time friend Silien was a police informer. Wounded and seeking revenge, Maurice has no choice but to retaliate. But he will soon to discover that the appearances can be deceitful.

Nominated for the Mar Del Plata Film Festival in 1963, Doulos: the Finger Man is the second highest-grossing film in Melville’s directing career. The film ranked in the 500 greatest movies of all time by Empire magazine in 2008.

In French with English subtitles – Restored version


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See you next year!