Tyvian Jones, a pretentious, arrogant Welsh writer, isolates himself on a secluded island near Venice to work on his next story. To Tyvian’s surprise, Eva, a money-loving, seductively mysterious Frenchwoman is occupying his residence. It’s not long before Eva’s taunting physique and natural beauty ensnare this once haughty man in an erotic web from which there is seemingly no escape.


In English and Italian with English subtitles


Friday 7 September

Palace Norton Street 6.30pm Buy tickets

Saturday 8 September

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 3.40pm Buy tickets

Friday 19 October

WA Maritime Museum 6.30pm Buy tickets

Thursday 8 November

The Astor Theatre 9:15pm Buy tickets

Saturday 10 November

The Astor Theatre 9:00pm Buy tickets