Opening Night in Sydney at Palace Norton Street, in Perth at WA Maritime Museum and in Melbourne at The Astor Theatre.

An Austrian named Jules and a Frenchman named Jim enjoy the decadent lifestyle pre-WW1. Catherine, a wilful and alluring young woman is attracted to both of them. With WW1 looming, the young men find themselves on opposite sides of the battle. After the war, Catherine, married to Jules and raising their daughter, is emotionally dissatisfied and embarks on an affair with Jim. Under the resilient eyes of Jules, Catherine’s carefree behaviour soon leads to increasingly dramatic consequences.


In French with English subtitles



Thursday 6 September

Palace Norton Street 7:00pm Buy tickets

Saturday 8 September

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 6.00pm Buy tickets

Thursday 18 October

WA Maritime Museum 6:30pm Buy tickets

Thursday 8 November

The Astor Theatre 6:30pm Buy tickets

Sunday 11 November

The Astor Theatre 2.00pm Buy tickets