Anne, a beautiful woman leads a banal life as the trophy wife of a town’s leading industrialist. Witness to a murder at the bar next door, she becomes obsessed by it. Seeking answers, she develops a close relationship with Chauvin, a working-class man, who was also witness to the crime. Slowly, they find themselves being consumed by forces which threaten their own stability, leading to an intense but unconsummated affair.  Yet, like all affairs, it has to end.


In French with English subtitles

Friday 7 September

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 6.30pm Buy tickets

Saturday 8 September

Palace Norton Street 6.30pm Buy tickets

Saturday 20 October

WA Maritime Museum 6.30pm Buy tickets

Friday 9 November

The Astor Theatre 9.00pm Buy tickets

Saturday 10 November

The Astor Theatre 4:15pm Buy tickets