Philippe de Broca’s That Man From Rio is a globe-trotting treasure hunt, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Françoise Dorléac and Jean Servais.

Two South Americans steal an Amazon statuette from a Parisian museum and kidnap its curator, Professor Catalan (Servais), in broad daylight. Agnès (Dorléac) whose late father was Catalan’s companion on an Amazon expedition is the only one who knows the location of the other statuettes, making her an invaluable asset. They end up abducting her, right in front of her fiancé Adrien Dufourquet (Belmondo), an airman on an 8-day leave. In order to save his beloved, he starts chasing them all the way to Brazil. And in doing so, he embarks on an adventurous journey.

Nominated at the 37th Academy Award for the Oscar for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay, the film also proved to be a huge success in France, ranking fourth place out of the 1964 French box office. Influenced by Tintin’s adventures, That Man from Rio also inspired many directors such as Steven Spielberg for Raiders of the Lost Ark and his other Indiana Jones films, as well as Michel Hazanavicius for OSS 117: Lost In Rio.

In French with English subtitles


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