The Old Lady who Walked in the Sea (1991), directed by Laurent Heynemann, is one of 5 films in which Jeanne Moreau played part in 1991.

Under the sun of Guadeloupe, Lady M. (Jeanne Moreau) walks in the sea, fully clothed, made up, covered with jewels and an elegant hat, in the arm of a young beach-boy, Lambert, who she decides will be hers and hers only. With her old companion Pompilius, former Romanian diplomat, she introduces him to their favourite sport, scheming, for which he already seems to show his talents. Mazurier, an industrialist from Lyon, in the act of adultery, becomes the victim of their blackmail. When the old couple decides to return to his villa on the Côte d’Azur, Lambert follows, to Pompilius’ sadness, who won’t allow to be dethroned by this white-bill. …

The film is an adaptation of the eponym novel by Frédéric Dard, who’s deliciously vulgar words are rendered almost poetic by Moreau. For her performance in this movie, Jeanne Moreau received her first César Award as Best Actress in 1992, before receiving the Honorary César in 1994.


In French with English subtitles 


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