Directed by Henri Verneuil, Weekend at Dunkirk stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and the stunning Catherine Spaak in a feature based on the 1949 Prix Goncourt-winning novel Weekend à Zuydcoote by Robert Merle.

Set over a weekend in June during World War II, the film follows the footsteps of French Sergeant Julien Maillet (Jean-Paul Belmondo) trapped on the beaches near Dunkirk, who tries to get to England by boat with the English Army. Despite his countless attempts, nothing seems to go as planned. The situation on the beach becomes more and more difficult as German troops are shelling them, and many characters cross Maillet’s path, including Jeanne (Catherine Spaak), a stubborn woman who refuses to run away. This feature is no typical war as it pictures the fears, frustration, anger and boredom of ordinary people during war times.

Weekend at Dunkirk was the ninth most popular film at the French box office in 1964. This historical weekend left a mark on people’s minds and inspired many artists such as Christopher Nolan, who recently chose to revisit that event with his latest picture Dunkirk.

In French with English subtitles – Restored version


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