One of the most common games of chance in Argentina is the pool. The pool has a gambling-like feel, but the stakes aren’t paid in cash. Instead, players place bets on their pieces of cloth. These are called “billar”, each player having a certain number of billar to win.

The quinielas hoy Spanish version of billiards is called “pool”. You can call any game on a pool table that has billar, whether it’s a pool or snooker variant. As in many other countries, Argentina uses the term “billar” for games that are played on an 11-rail table. One-pocket versions of these games may be slightly different.

Billars are the best way to play pool

  • Billars are pieces made of cloth, usually ten in number, with a predetermined amount of points. Each player has the exact same number.
  • The lowest-valued billar wins. This means that you cannot win if the other bills are lower than yours. The billar is four to seven inches in length and comes in ten colours. The players can choose the colour they prefer.

The game is played on a ball pocket table

Eleven rails are made of ivory or ebony wood. The pockets are located on third rail. They have different sizes to accommodate different balls sizes. There is one larger pocket for slower balls, and one smaller for faster balls.

Highest Point Billar Wins

  • All billar will go in a single pile and each player will choose one.
  • Once everyone has chosen one, the winner will be revealed simultaneously.

The Winner is the Last Billars Left

The game ended with the winner receiving billar. quinielas hoy has no time limit, so theoretically you could play for hours. Only when a player gives up, does he lose.

You Can’t Win Your Own Billar

The only billar you can win with are those that your opponent plays. This billar can be called either “opponent’s billar”, “good”, or “sucker” depending on its context. Your billar is the billar you play against other billars.

You can’t overthrow the shot

  • The opposing player will score more if you hit the wrong rail with your ball. He could also hit another ball on the rails, scoring even more billars.
  • You will need to give him your entire billar in this instance so he can give you his.

Only ten dollars per game

Every game has ten billars per player. This game pits players against one another.


Players can take as many cues they like and switch between them as often as possible. This is even true if the shot is in the middle. You can only take the cue ball off-the-table and play with it. If it is on the table, it will be considered part of your cue, and you are prohibited from touching it.

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